R & D


Hankuk Fiber Composites R&D Center realizing customer satisfaction with world-class technology based on originality

Hankuk Fiber's team of excellent R&D personnel continuously conducts research in various fields, including composite materials, construction, transportation, energy, and aviation, using state-of-the-art research equipment. With over 40 years of accumulated expertise in the field of composite materials, as well as know-how and new technologies acquired through continuous research, and composite material application analysis capabilities accumulated through government research tasks, Hankuk Fiber is committed to making its mark in the global market. The R&D Center not only focuses on acquiring domestic and foreign intellectual property rights and quality certifications, but also strives to ensure customer satisfaction.To continue growing and to maintain a leading position in the market, we will continue to invest in R&D and focus on developing various new products using composite materials while constantly challenging ourselves to explore unknown areas.


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