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Space & Defense BUBuilding upon 50 years of expertise in lightweight structures, bulletproof materials, ultra-high temperature heat-resistant materials, electromagnetic wave functional materials, aircraft parts, guided weapons, and launch tubes for high-performance mobile weapon systems, as well as maritime, aeronautical, and terrestrial applications, the Space & Defense Business Unit is leading the globalization and electrification of the defense industry.
Its success began with the development of military bulletproof helmets utilizing state-of-the-art composite materials.
Additionally, the unit has contributed significantly to the Korean aerospace industry by manufacturing payload fairings, first and second stage front fuselages, and composite structures for Korea's first space launch vehicle, 'Naro,' and its successor, 'Nuri.' Moving forward, the unit will continue to develop its proprietary technologies and secure high-value technology to expand globally and beyond, even into space.


2020   04. Participated in aproject to develop atypical hydrogen storage device technology for hydrogen electric vehicles for common use in electric vehicle platforms (2020-2024)
2020   01.Participated in a project to develop carbon fiber composite materials for aircraft and certification systems (2020-2024)

2019   11.Company’sown design and manufacturing technology of the composite lattice structure made of high-strength carbon fiber, selected as one of the top 10 mechanical technologies in the 2019 Korea Machinery Industry Promotion Association
2019   07.Started the project to develop MLRS (230mm launch tube)
2017   10.Acquired ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification
2015   12.Signed a civil-military project agreement for developing composite material lattice structure technology and carbon composite material for high-temperature insulator heater (Civil-Military project, 2015-2020)
2015   03.Completed the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) laboratory.
2014   09.Received a Special Achievement Award from the Defense Industry Association
2014   07.Established the Daejeon Design Technology Center (Structure, Analysis)
2014   05.Started the mass production of Chunmoo (130mm launch tube).
2013   06.Started the aircraft development project to develop UAV system for military reconnaissance.
2012   11.Started the 3rd mass production of K21 Applique Armor
2011   08.Awarded by the Prime Minister for defense quality management

2008   08.Acquired the Aviation Quality Management System (AS9100) certification
2006   05.Acquired the Defense Quality Management System (KDS0050) certification
2002   10.Acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification

1996   10.Started the EADS-CASA A-320 Elevator business
1992   12.Received the "Jang Young Sil Award" for the development of composite materials for aircraft
1991   07.Acquired the certification for aircraft engine parts production from P&W
1984   09.Designated as a specific business in the aviation industry (by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
1978   05.Designated as a defense company



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